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If you could look the Sun as you would a sleeping tiger..before it awakens.. it is calm, tranquil, non-

threatening, majestic and peaceful..though once it is aroused it's fierce gaze and fiery, ferocious stare

intimidates all and is too much to bear. So is the story of Awakening Sun..from behind our Father star's brilliant brightness and before he awakens, our Sun is a giant, dashing, happy, unblinding and gracefully

aging Sun. Right before dawn, before our protector raises his blinding sabre of intense, vehement light,

Helios reveals his beautiful age spots, mature wrinkles, debonair grays and true colors.. yet once awakened

he passionately and blissfully burns for us, warms our World, ignites our lives, vanquishes darkness and

protects our planet Earth from the cold death of space to inspire us, shelter us, safeguard our lives and

promise our every tomorrow.”

Awakening Sun

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