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She is the all powerful goddess and protector of our planet that feeds, provides, and nurtures our lives with

her gifts of land, water, air and bounty. Her image as seen in the eyes of the artist is based on her myriad of

seasons, colors and ever changing landscapes that inspire all living things to procreate, fueling the will of all

the Earths living species to continue their cycle of life. Whatever our world requires to renew and nourish

itself is given unconditionally and instinctively by her. She is the carrier of the torch of love, the keeper of

seasons and the roots from where all life forms stem from. We are the only living species that abuse her and cause irreparable damage to her. In the opinion of the Artist including the many of us who choose to fight for her respectful treatment, she should be protected and loved above all other human endeavors. We

must change our ways and defend her, for she gave birth to all we are and will ever be.. she is the keeper of our children's future. She is our Mother Earth.

Mother Earth

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