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Many of Garsot's subjects include Mythology as the center theme of his works. In this enchanted andstoried depiction on canvas, Garsot portrays a legendary mythological creature of temptation and tragedy.The story of The Siren involves 2 mythological creatures being half woman and half Sparrow. They wereconsidered the two daughters of Achelous, the river God of fresh water. Approaching sailors were drawn tothe Sirens by their enchanted singing, hypnotizing all who heard their beautiful songs, thereby luring shipsto sail towards their trance-inducing sound and shoreline to tragically crash onto sea rocks and causinghypnotized seamen to be drowned.. Miraculously Odysseus escaped this ill fate because of the advice ofCirce, which was to block his and his crews ears with beeswax to quiet the mesmeric music, thus avoidingthe same fate met by all others who crossed their musical spell.

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The Siren

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